Turmeric Root Extract Information

Turmeric root is quickly becoming a very popular supplement, but before you order those pills, it’s important to read up on turmeric root extract information. Most of the turmeric root extract information talks about its high levels of antioxidants, the benefits it gives to your pulmonary system, as well as the weight loss benefits it offers. What most people tend to overlook is how powerful the effect can be when you take turmeric root for cancer prevention. More and more doctors are suggesting using this herb for cancer prevention, especially for those who are at risk for getting cancer.

The reason that so many people are using this herb for cancer prevention nowadays is because there was a recent study that proved that this herb kills cancer cells. The fact is that this herb from the east contains both antioxidants (known for killing the free radicals that cause cancer), and also gives a natural boost to many of the chemo drugs on the market, including Paclitaxel. When combined with cauliflower, this herb reduces the chances of prostate cancer, and also inhibits the growth of new cancer cells in that area. When researchers added turmeric to melanoma cancer cells, they found the cancer cells to stop growth and commit suicide once they came into contact with the turmeric. It’s been linked to a reduced risk of childhood leukemia, breast cancer, and more. Considering how powerful this root is in the fight against cancer, it comes as no surprise to anyone that doctors suggest this herb for cancer prevention.

There’s plenty of other turmeric root extract information that is worth knowing. For instance, ancient Chinese medics used this herb as a treatment for depression – a treatment that is still used today. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties make turmeric root an ideal supplement for people who are looking to heal from injury at a quicker pace, as well as maintain their general health. Centuries ago, turmeric was added to meats because of its abilities as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-septic agent. Today, this herb is used for the same purposes, but also is used to give a person’s immune system a natural boost. Moreover, it’s a natural painkiller, and also is a great liver detoxifier. If you are worried about your liver’s ability to purify itself, adding a turmeric supplement to your daily regimen is a wise choice.

Perhaps the most important information that you can learn about turmeric root extract is about the side effects. Turmeric root is a 100% safe supplement for men, women, and children. For centuries, it has been used in traditional cooking as a healthy (and tasty) spice. There seems to be very little that this herb can’t do. Adding it to your list of supplements might just make all the difference in your quality of life in a decade, if you are prone to cancer. Ask your doctor if you might need turmeric root extract as a part of your daily supplement today – it may save your life tomorrow.