Tummy Tuck Recovery – What You Need to Know

Post tummy tuck surgery, patient's overall health and physical fitness is important for early recovery.

Abdominoplasty surgery involves the removal of skin and tightening of muscles. Liposuction involves removal of fat which can be combined with tummy tuck surgery. Basically your body needs time to adjust to these changes. Usually one requires four to five weeks for recovery post tummy tuck surgery but some patients with low fitness level or if they suffer from other ailments like debts can take longer time to recover.

Depending on the kind of tummy tuck surgery performed, patients have to stay in hospital. For the first few days you can experience some discomfort, pain or swelling. This is reduced with the help of pain killers and sedatives. Its best that these sedatives are given as prescribed by the doctor as overdose of painkillers is basically harmful for the body. It's best to relax at home for a week after the surgery, a bed rest is more often recommended.

The stitches are usually removed after a week and these days the stitches are given with some protein enzymes which basically dissolve. Patients can start walking immediately after the surgery and it as this prevails in formation of blood clots. Bath and shower should be taken after a few days; in the meanwhile sponge can be given to the patient. You can also perform some exercise to prevent blood clot. An abdominal binder is usually recommended to be worn in the first few weeks. Walking is a great form of exercise, but one can also indulge in some non-aerobic exercises. During the first week of the surgery the patient has to be careful and avoid any arrested movement as wounds can reopen at the time of problem.

You can find an abdominoplasty surgeon near your house, but its best that you compare rates of various cosmetic surgeons as every trade has become very competitive. Doc shop is great website to locate doctors and get their quotes. Basically it's an online directory or surgeons and doctors.

Whether you go a mini abdominoplasty or a complete abdominoplasty, you are recommended a rest for a few days, basically complete bed rest to prevent any further complication. Some patients can get blood clots and in order to prevent this doctors prescribe to wear stocking. Post surgery if you experience any pain or bleeding then its best that you call a doctor immediately and if there is any infection like bleeding or fever it can be taken care of and given first aid immediately.

The down time of the surgery is for around a month but it does depend on subjective individual health. Some can also return to their work after a couple of weeks. Before engaging in any strenuous activity just make sure that your stitches have healed completely and you do not feel any pain as well.

Tummy tuck recovery is quick but you need to take precautions and prevent any kind of infection for a speedy recovery.