Tuberous Breast: Get To Know More About It


It is the dream of every woman to get the most perfect boobs in order to feel confident about her body. Because more attention is given to large breasts (just look at magazines, TV, or movies), breast shape, size, proportion and symmetry play a unique role in every woman’s sense of physical balance, confidence, and femininity.

Most women do not know about tuberous breasts and just think that they have underdeveloped breasts or just small breasts. This can cause low self-esteem and adverse psychological and psychosexual effects because the lady is ashamed and embarrassed of her body.

What is a Tuberous Breast?

Tuberous breasts is a common developmental condition that has various impacts on breast shape in both men and women but mostly affects the women. Tubular breasts are caused by aunderdevelopment in some of the breast tissue during puberty which leads to the congenitalanomaly that can see breasts grow asymmetrically. As the name suggests, ‘tuberous breasts’ comes from the tube-like appearance manifested in the shape of the breasts.

There is no known cause of the condition but it is theorized to have some embryologic origin. Its physical characteristics are attributed to a combination of thin connective tissue support and tissue ring-constriction around the areola.

Tuberous breasts are also referred to as tubular breasts, oval breasts, caprine breasts, constricted breasts, areolar hernia and hypoplasia (underdevelopment) breasts.

The malformation can affect one or both breasts.

Do you have Tuberous Breasts?

Do you have small and underdeveloped breasts?Are your breasts saggy?Are your breasts unusually apart?Do you feel puffiness and bulge of the nipple areolar complex?

If you answered yes to all the four questions, then you need to visit a doctor to check for tubular breasts.

There are two ways to deal with tuberous breasts. These include:-

(1) Accepting who you are and living with the condition

(2) Undergoing surgery to correct the condition

1. Living with tuberous breasts

Living with a deformity takes a lot of courage and self-esteem. If you choose to accept the condition, thumbs up because it is a brave thing to do. There are other courageous women out there who suffer from the same condition and have forums to discuss the issues. Join these forums and get support from others. A problem shared is a problem half solved.

2. Correction through Surgery

Tuberous breasts can be psychologically upsetting and socially limiting leading to psychosexual and psychological effects. If you still want attractive boobs, there is the surgical option that can correct the deformity.Typically, it involves implants, breast lift and resizing the areola. This will depend on the size and the shape the breasts need to be altered.

The surgery can be more complicated than normal augmentation plastic surgery depending on the adversity of the deformity.

Breast surgery is categorized under major surgeries and can take up to several weeks to heal. This procedure therefore goes with all the usual risks of major surgery, so do not jump into the decision.