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Tuberculosis Treatment In India


TB is a common disease in developing countries, and is reappearing in developed countries as a result of AIDS and migration of population. This is amongst the ten leading causes of death and one of the commonest cause of death in the young. This scenario is not as bad in a case of abdominal TB and more so of colon….


The incidence of abdominal TB is increasing globally with the spread of AIDS. Out of this exact incidence of colonic TB is difficult as there is mostly overlapping of all forms of abdominal TB. Incidence is high in Indian subcontinent….

Clinical Features

TB has an insidious onset and most patients have had symptoms for months or even years. In about one third of patients, this chronic course is interrupted by acute attacks,…

Usually there are two types of lesion in colon.

  1. Ulcero-hypertrophic
  2. Hypertrophic….


  • Blood : – Haemogram and ESR
  • Imaging : – Includes X-ray chest, abdomen. Barium studies includes meal follow through, enteroclysis and double contrast enema. Radiological findings are suggestive but not definitive…

Differential Diagnosis

Most important DD in developing countries is from carcinoma and in developed countries from Crohn’s disease and carcinoma…


Antitubercular therapy for abdominal or colonic tuberculosis is the same as that of pulmonary TB. Nowadays short course therapy of 6 to 9 months…


Over all prognosis has markedly improved as a result of advances in diagnostic methods,…

Tubercular Proctitis

This is nearly always associated with active pulmonary TB, and is often complicated by a tubercular fistula in ano, or tuberculous ulceration of the anus….

Tuberculous Fistula In Ano

If induration around a fistula is lacking, if the opening is ragged and flushed with surface, if surrounding skin is discoloured and the discharge is watery, it strongly suggests that the fistula is due to the tuberculous infection…

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