Tuberculosis and Candida – Which Antibiotics and Treatment You Should Take?

Are you having tuberculosis and candida at the same time and confused about what antibiotic you should take? I can understand you if you are on that position. When someone has tuberculosis, usually she has no option except to take antibiotic treatment. One I recommend is to take olive leaf extract, an example of it is d-Lenolate. Generally you have to pass a couple month course of antibiotics to get your tuberculosis cured or totally treated.

When the course of antibiotic treatment is over, remain on the candida diet, and treat yourself as though you had candida for a while, just to be on the safe side. I think that most problems with antibiotics and yeast infection occur because people are not aware that there is a potential problem with candida, and so they end up feeding the candida, and not replacing the good bacteria that are lost from the antibiotic, leaving plenty of room for the candida to take over.

Replacing the good bacteria that are lost once the course of antibiotics is finished is essential. It might not hurt to take acidophilus throughout the course of treatment, even. However, there are things you should know before taking acidophilus. Once you consume it without precaution, your candida will grow.

You might also invest in one of the "zappers" that Hulda Clarke recommends in her book "The Cure for all Diseases," and use it daily. Zappers works differently compare to d-Lenolate but it has high chance to cure your diseases including tuberculosis and candida.