Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment – Alternative Medicine to Treat and Prevent It!

In this article I’m going to share a few trigeminal neuralgia treatments involving alternative medicine and 2 ideas to prevent this problem. What system in your body is mainly responsible for pain? Yep, it’s the nervous system. It informs us that there is a problem such as our hand touching a hot pan. Of course pain isn’t the best of feelings right?

What if this system goes haywire and doesn’t act correctly? It could continually give someone pain, which isn’t good and that is what happens with this condition. Every so often shooting pain erupts in the face from a nerve called the trigeminal nerve.

Some people describe it as bursts of sharp, electric shocks that last a couple of seconds to minutes. The worst part is that oftentimes it’s unpredictable. This makes any activity not as enjoyable because it might be interrupted by shooting pains.

Can you guess what some of the most common treatments are? Yea, prescription drugs are a very common remedy that could be effective. Of course there are some negative side effects that should be considered. Next is surgery which can also be expensive and there are risks involved.

When it comes to alternative medicine one idea is acupuncture. In theory how it works is by helping energy or chi flow easier. Some people believe that if this chi energy gets disturbed that it can cause diseases. Not everyone agrees that acupuncture fights diseases, but many people do feel it can reduce pain from a wide variety of health problems including this trigeminal neuralgia.

Another idea would be visiting a chiropractor. How a chiropractor may be able to help is by realigning the bones in the upper spine. The nerve that causes the pain called the trigeminal nerve passes alongside the first bone in the neck called the Atlas when it heads to the face.

If something is pressing on that nerve, a realignment might be able to help with the pressure and the pain. There could be other causes as well, but it comes down to a nerve that isn’t acting correctly.

Also there is something called alpha-stim therapy that could relieve nerve pain. How it can work is by sending a small electric current through the nervous system. Some people feel it helps, but more studies are needed to determine how effective it really is.

If you’re interested in preventing nerve damage as well as heal them you could try omega 3 fats. In a clinical study at Queen Mary University in England researchers isolated nerve cells by mice. Then they caused damage to the cells or starved them of oxygen. Doing this killed off many of the cells, but nerve cells that were enriched with omega 3 had significant protection and a decrease in cell death.

Another idea to prevent nerve problems is by taking a good multivitamin supplement. There are certain vitamins such as vitamin B that plays a huge role in the health of nerves. In fact low levels of vitamin B12 have been linked to facial neuralgia according to the 14th Congress of the International Headache Society.

To sum everything a few alternative treatments for trigeminal neuralgia would be acupuncture, visiting a chiropractor and alpha-stim therapy. To both prevent and treat this problem a person should consume omega 3 and take a good multivitamin supplement.