Trigeminal Neuralgia

What is neuralgia?

Neuralgia is basically a painful disorder of the nerves. Trigeminal Neuralgia
is a particular form of neuralgia which is a typical facial pain.
Neuralgia affects the nerves which are responsible for sensing touch,
temperature and pressure in the facial area.
trigeminal Neuralgia can be particularly painful with sensations of itching
burning and feelings similar to what one feels when a number of thorns
are pressed against the face. The pains associated with neuralgia are
most excruciating. Even normal things like washing the face, sensation of
a gentle breeze can trigger attacks.

Whom does it affect?

Neuralgia is rare among youngsters below the age of 30. Women are more likely to
suffer from this disease than men and those above the age of 50 are at a greater
risk. In some cases, multiple sclerosis is related to nerve damage, causing the pain,
so doctors will likely ask about family history to help diagnose.

What are the risks?

Neuralgia in most cases goes undiagnosed and uncured for a very long time which
is quite pitiable. This leads to excruciating pain for the person suffering
from it. Sleep deprivation, nausea and irritation are common byproducts of neuralgia, the itching sensation adding to the distress.

Can it be cured?

Neuralgia can be particularly hard to diagnose. Neuralgia is fortunately curable
and there are methods to neuralgia pain fast.

Neuralgia as a whole should be spotted at the infancy stage, if a person is suffering from neuralgia symptoms he / she should try to approach multiple doctors to conform neuralgia.