Treatments for tonsils stones

Have you ever wondered exactly what tonsils really are and what they do? According to medical professionals, the fleshy tissue that you see near the opening of your throat is supposed to catch bacteria, as well as other possible minuscule invaders, to ensure they under no circumstances get to the intestinal system and other organs.

Unfortunately, the tonsils usually don’t carry out their expected biological tasks as intended. The tonsils are capable to catch various bacteria, as well as viruses, however they also can get infected then swell up. Then throat stones could develop and what’s now generally known as tonsillitis, or tonsil stones.

According to medical research, to some extent everyone has tiny white spots on their tonsils. However only a small number of these harden and a calcified formation will develop large enough to become tonsil stones.

Symptoms of tonsils stones

If you believe you’ve got tonsil stones, it is better to check with a medical professional initially, just to be certain. Common signs and symptoms of this issue consist of: smelly breath, soreness and difficulties when swallowing in certain serious instances. Any discomfort experienced while swallowing is most likely due to the inflammation of the tonsil tissue that may occur very easily when there is a sizable obstruction attaching to the surfaces of the tonsils.

Tonsils stone treatments

Gargle salt water – This treatment is effective when your tonsil stones are quite small. Gargling warm salt water can soothe discomfort, reduce swelling and bacterial growth. You need to do this regularly during the day or at least morning and night.

Remove bigger tonsil stones with small picks or long swabs after you have been examined by a medical professional to ascertain there are no other health issues. You may choose to regularly remove throat stones yourself. However if you have a strong gag reflex this can be very difficult.

Have a doctor remove these white spots for you. This is the easiest option as your doctor has access to better tools and can suppress your gag reflex by numbing the sensitive area.

Tonsillectomy – tonsil stones that are larger than 40 grams are commonly removed surgically. Although Tonsillectomy is a minor surgery there are risks and possible side effects. So it is important to treat the throat stones as early as possible to avoid this costly surgery.

Tonsils stones are not life threatening but can cause lots of discomfort, social inconveniences and can be costly if surgery is needed to remove large ones. Therefore lots people are doing everything possible to not only remove them but also prevent them coming back. Go to Tonsil Stone to find out more information.

Go to tonsils stones treatment guide to find out the 4 easy steps you need to take to get rid of tonsils stones without Tonsillectomy.