Treatments For Diabetes Mellitus


Are you familiar with the metabolic disorder called diabetes mellitus?

Way back in 2005, diabetics in the US have already reached a total of 20.8 million. At present, the number has extremely increased. Among the prevalent diabetic cases, diabetes mellitus makes up about 90-95%.

Pre-diabetic cases are also increasing and if these people don’t employ preventive measures, their condition can get worse and become full-blown diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is characterized by lack of insulin secretion and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is already evident at a very young age because it can be inherited.

The condition can be triggered by several environmental factors like obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Aside from that, insulin resistance is also associated with hyperglycemia, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. If you have diabetes mellitus, you’re likely to develop cardiovascular diseases as well.

The treatments for diabetes mellitus usually involves the intake of drugs, education, exercise, and dietary changes.

Multiple drugs are usually given; otherwise known as combination therapy. The efficiency of some older drugs and the new drugs introduced in the medical industry has brought about confusion and so the current diabetes mellitus treatments have become extremely complex.

Currently, the newest class of incretin-acting medications has been released. These are anti-diabetic medications exclusively designed for treating diabetes mellitus. GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide) and DPP-4 (dipeptidyl-peptidase) are already available in the market. Clinical trails are still being conducted with the use of GLP-1 analog or liraglutide.

A medical association in the US published that the drugs mentioned earlier are just as effective as the older diabetic drugs used. Besides, the older diabetic drugs are far cheaper because the new drugs are extremely expensive.

Some diabetic patients are questioning the experts – why should they pay for expensive new treatments when the older treatments are also effective?

Well, the choice of diabetes mellitus treatments depends on the individual. If you can’t afford expensive treatments for diabetes mellitus, you can always choose the cheaper alternatives. But before taking any medication, it is still best to consult a physician. Only the physician knows the best medication for you. By talking to your physician and providing him with your medical history, you can effectively treat diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes is a life-long disease and all you can do is to manage and control it, before it controls your life. If you don’t treat diabetes upon diagnosis, it could lead to complications like heart diseases and kidney failure. Immediate treatments are required for you to overcome this disease. Make it a point to visit your doctor regularly so that you can discuss any new development or if you experience certain side effects from the current medications you’re taking.

The treatment for diabetes mellitus is more of a personal choice because it involves cost. Since not all diabetics can afford conventional medications, many choose alternative medicines like the use of herbs and other natural remedies.

You must be prepared to make the necessary changes in your life if you want to live normally because diabetes will stay with you forever.

Are you overweight or is there a relative and family member with diabetes? If your answer is yes, you’re at risk, so be extra careful.


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