Treatments and Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lumbago, commonly known as lower back pain, is one of the muscle related ailments that is quite common in the work. Doctors have noted that this is the number two reason why patients visit a doctor.

The causes of pain in the back may be due to muscle strain or soft tissues sprain at the back. Lower back ache is actually a symptom, which may involve defects or other diseases. As such, there are three classifications: acute, sub acute and chronic back pain. The acute low back pain's duration is less than 4 weeks. The sub acute pain duration spans from four to twelve weeks. Lastly, chronic pain duration lasts for more than twelve weeks.

There are several ways to treat lumbago. One way is to take pain medications and apply heat compression to the affected area. Massages may also be applied to relieve the pain on the back. There are also exercises that can be used to reclaim the lumbar area. However, these exercises for lower back problems may only be applied after the tenderness has subsided. It is important to note that each patient suffering from this ailment should be evaluated by a doctor so that corresponding exercises for lumbago may be tailor fitted to the cause of the malady.

Physical Therapy is also a good option for patients suffering from lumbago, which exercises exercises to strengthen the back. There are programs of exercises for lower back pain that would treat pain especially for chronic pain in the low back area. There are two common exercises for lower back pain programs that are being used by PT professionals. These are Williams' flexion exercises and Mackenzie back exercises, which are specific exercises for the lower region of the back. The first set of exercises is the Williams' flex exercises which is composed of partial sit-ups, squats, pelvic tilts, hip flexor stretch, single knee to chest, hamstring stretch and double knee to chest exercises. On the other hand, Mackenzie back extension exercises are standing extensions, press press ups, pronouncing and pronouncing lying on elbows and progressive extension with pillows. Exercises for lower back pain are always part of the treatment for chronic lumbago.

There are many ways that one can employ to prevent lumbago. Employees are encouraged to do routine exercises in their workstations to prevent lumbago. Also, one has to do proper stretching and prevention exercises for lower back pain before lifting weights to prevent muscle strains. There are also support devices available in the market that one can use to prevent low back injury. Always remember that prevention is always better and much cheaper than cure.