Treatment of Stomach Pain by Finding the Cause – Part Two – Gastritis


The treatment of stomach pain needs to find the cause. Only then can you expect to gain permanent relief.

In part one, the problems with taking antibiotics and processed food were examined as a likely cause in many people. But that is not the end of the story. High animal protein intake can also cause digestive problems. Animal protein needs calcium for complete digestion. In our infinite wisdom, the bones are removed from the protein, this creating a digestive problem.

Yet, all meat eaters in the wild consume meat, together with bones. So the lack of the bones in the diet of meat eaters can be two fold – causes incomplete digestion plus osteoporosis, as the calcium will be removed from your bones to digest the protein.

Cooking food creates another digestive problem. Along with all the bacteria in your gut, food enzymes are required for complete digestion. Cooking food, even lightly, destroys these health promoting enzymes. No wonder there are so many digestive problems in the 'civilized' world. And of course, it does not stop there. With digestive problems come every other health problem imaginable.

So as you are looking for the treatment of stomach pain, your expected results from finding a successful one, will do more than cure the pain.

Gastritis is the inflammation of the lining to the stomach. It can be caused by the suppressant treatment of antibiotics and histamine blocking agents in treating peptic ulcers. Other drugs such as aspirin and anti inflammatory drugs can also be the cause. Weight loss surgery, which bands the stomach can be another cause.

Other causes of gastritis include anxiety, injury and liver disorders. Suppressive drugs masks the effects, rather than deals with the cause. And causes problems of their own, normally later on in life, when you may not make the connection. Homeopathy works by stimulating your body to help it realize what it is already trying to do. As a result, you will experience no side effects and no addiction suppression.

Homeopathy works by matching your symptoms to those of the most appropriate medicine. Only then can you expect favorable results. Without this match, nothing happens. Which is reassuring when little fingers pry open lids. The homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album has strong symptoms of a poorly disturbed digestion. The strong keynote symptoms include:

  • a burning pain
  • relief from warm applications and warm food and drink
  • temporary relief from drinking milk
  • worsening of the symptoms around midnight
  • often accompanied by a restlessness and anxiety, or in people who are naturally anxious and restless

This medicine is a common solution for people with peptic ulcers, gastritis, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, stomach pain, inflammatory bowel disease and esophagitis as long as the symptoms agree.