Treatment of Stomach Pain by Finding the Cause – Part Three – Ulcers

The treatment of stomach pain needs to embrace the whole of you. What are you doing to cause or contribute to this problem? What other steps can you take to prevent its recurrence? What acute treatment is safe to use and without side effects?

  • The treatment of stomach pain is going to yield better and far reaching results if the cause is found and addressed along with any acute treatment.

Stomach pain can come from a wide variety of reasons – gastritis, ulcers, hernia, reflux, food allergy, reaction to drugs such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, malignancy, gall bladder problems, hepatitis, pancreatitis, angina even endometriosis.

And some abdominal pain from bowel disorders are described as stomach pain.

With this array of possible reasons, it's helpful to know that homeopathy works by matching your unique and personal symptoms to those of the most appropriate medicine. Without this close match, no relief will be gained.

The work entailed to get this match is often best left to the skills of a professional homeopath. But, if you have a homeopathic home prescribing kit, you may well be able to do the work yourself. The common medicines found in these kits cover many ailments, so little work is needed to get good results.

The homeopathic medicine Lycopodium can help those who suffer from a wide variety of liver problems. As the liver is part of the digestive process, you typically find the two go together. Gastritis and peptic ulcers come under its sphere of influence.

The strong keynote symptoms of Lycopodium include:

  • bloating and distention are the main cause of the pain which is improved by passing gas, either up or down
  • these symptoms are worse than eating, even small amounts, especially the bean family andions
  • reflux or heartburn is also common, with sour burping
  • usually has a ravenous appetite, needing to get up to eat during the night
  • has a huge desire for sweet things
  • the worse time is usually late afternoon to early evening
  • some improvement is felt from rubbing the stomach