Treatment of Sleep Paralysis

Over the years the available drugs and medicines as treatment of sleep paralysis are generally designed at making sure you sleep without waking up at night. They are basically sleep inducing drugs. It got me wondering if there were no alternative ways of dealing with this condition.

By coming to know and understanding how it works my research provided some rather useful answers. The sudden interruption of sleep whilst a person is in the middle of REM sleep causes sleep paralyses. That's why the medication is sleep inducing; it is so that you do not wake up at all during the night. So instead of taking medication that will knock you out for the whole night why not avoid the things that will cause you to wake up at night.

If you are considering natural treatment of sleep paralysis you will have to start by sticking to a regular sleeping timetable. Obviously this is to make your body accredited to waking and sleeping at fixed times. Taking on a regular amount of exercise to avoid tension and stress is also a good idea. Avoid taking in caffeine, alcohol and smoking in the times before you sleep.

The environment that you sleep in also must be looked at. There should not be too many distractions especially in terms of light and sound that will jostle you out of your sleep. A relatively dark, not pitch black but dark and quiet room is recommended.

As you can clearly see that treatment of sleep paralysis approach that I am using here is focused on avoiding the causes, after all prevention is better than cure. It would be a good idea to get to know all the possible causes and some of the natural ways that you can make use of to get rid of sleep paralysis.