Treatment of Ovarian Cysts – Pills and Surgery Are Not the Best Answer

Ovarian cysts are common in women. They usually form during the menstrual cycle and most of the time we do not have any symptoms. They dissolve without causing any pain. However, when there are symptoms and the cyst begins to grow it is necessary to get treatment of ovarian cysts before the symptoms get worse.

Ovarian cysts can get very painful and can grow to the size of a watermelon. They produce boiling and bloating and weight gain, along with bleeding, vomiting and nausea and all sorts of discomfort. Many women who have them become angry and depressed. And if you are sooner to cysts you will keep producing them without you change the root of the problem which is creating them.

Conventional medicine does not address the cause of the cysts. The cysts are actually warning signals from your body that something is wrong – usually a hormonal or insulin imbalance. Doctors just shut down these signals by giving you medication. They suppress the symptoms through hormonal pills that prevent you from ovulating, and through surgery. These two remedies do not remove the problem that causes the cysts and they return.

Natural treatment of ovarian cysts addresses the current condition of the body which is producing the cysts. You can change this condition by changing to a healthier diet and lifestyle that will make you feel a lot better while eliminating the cysts and their recurrence. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas and start taking fiber and reduce your sugar and carbs. All these things address the problem that is causing the cysts.

There are natural remedies for the pain. You do not have to take pain pills which can dull your mental activity and become addictive. By placing a heating pad on your abdomen and taking Tylenol you can heal your pain.

Find out how treatment of ovarian cysts the natural way is the only real cure to your cysts. You can eliminate your cysts in as little as 8 weeks, stop them from coming back, and become healthier and pain free just by a simple change in diet.