Treatment of Fingernail Fungus

Fingernail fungus is an infection caused by living microorganisms when it attacks the nail of either foot or hand. The fungus grows in dark and moist area that it finds under and sides of the nail as nails have micro-spaces around. The fungus finds comfortable environment as the nail itself protects it. It gradually locates beneath the nail and starts digesting the most valuable substance called as ‘keratin’. Keratin is the material that coats the nail and protects it from the damage and hence, keeps its structure well. Once the keratin is lost, the nail starts getting damaged by the fungus and then fungus grows and spreads.

Fingernail fungus is to be treated as soon as it is detected. This is because when it goes beyond its limit, it becomes difficult to reverse the procedure and then local incision with removal of affected part remains the only treatment. There are certain steps to be followed when one detects something awkward happening to the nail. The first comes is homemade remedy for treating fingernail fungus. The fungus hates the acidic environment and hence, apple cider vinegar or white vinegar works wonderfully. You can take an eyedropper and can have those vinegars directly to be put onto the affected areas including cuticles.

There are many essential oils such as lavender essential oil and olive oil. You can mix them or can put single. Apart from such oils, soaking affected area is one of the most effective remedies to treat fingernail fungus infection. You can soak in special solution made out of acidophilus beer, some essential oils and some disinfectant herbs. Neem is another considerable herb that grows abundantly in India. You can use its oil or can use the decoction of its leaves for soaking the affected area.

There are some Chinese medicines like Fungo Balm etc that have proven results in treating various fingernail fungal infections. You can use them alone or can get some combination. A group of expert believer that Listerine works very well on curing fingernail fungus when applied directly or in combination with any other anti-fungal agent. Some of the dietician advice to take some natural disinfectant food such as garlic or ginger and black pepper that help boosting the immunity and help killing microorganism present in the body.

Allopathic healthcare advisors favor taking some oral anti-fungal drugs for treating fingernail fungal infection as a surefire to treat such infections. However, along with internal medications, some of the external therapies like washing the affected area with hydrogen peroxide too, are advised. Dermatologists may suggest soaking the affected area in the solution containing Epsom salt that has proven anti-fungal and disinfectant properties.

Apart from local and internal treatment, fingernail fungal infection requires hygienic attention. One should wear washed socks and shoes are to be cleaned too. Dusting disinfectant powder inside the socks and shoes is good idea to keep healthy environment around the feet. The fingernail is to be kept dry because wet and moist environment is an ideal for fungus to grow and spread.

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