Treatment of Ankle Sprains

One of the most commonly occurring maladies of the lower part of the body is spraining of the ankle. There are many factors which can hurt the body. Some factors such as excessive and rigorous activity and advancing age. You may sprain your ankle when the protective ligaments which secure the joints get stretched in an abnormal manner. This happens when you suddenly twist, turn or fall over the foot. The sprain is considered to be extreme in case the elastic fibers of the tendons get torn.

In case you step over a surface which is uneven you may end up with a sprain. Other reasons could be when you are climbing the stairs or indulging in any form of physical activity. Whenever you indulge in any type of physical activity and you end up twisting your leg then the ligaments get stretched and cause a sprain.

The pain you feel is due to the extent of stretching and tearing which has taken place in the ligament. The pain may be either mild or unbearable. One of the first signs of a sprain is the swelling which occurs. At times patients complain of a popping sound. The area becomes sore and tender and there is a discoloration of the sprained area. The pain becomes unbearable and the patient experiences shooting pain. When the pain becomes very extreme then it means that the entire ligament has torn or the ankle joint has got dislocated. This causes instability in the patient.

In case you feel that you have sprained your leg then you should immediately visit a doctor. The pain and tenderness which is experienced may make the visit and examination process a very painful process. But you need to bear this pain as the doctor will have to check in case the tissue is torn or merely dislocated. With proper medical assistance extreme damage to the joint can be prevented. You need to undergo an MRI scan to find out the extent of the damage. Ankle sprains take time to heal and you need to ensure that they are treated in an appropriate manner. By neglecting this you may make the condition worst and the joint will have to bear the brunt of this. The result will be weak muscles and imbalances which make you more vulnerable to further injuries.

The four point formula to ensure quick healing are rest, ice, compression and elevation. At times the patient may need to walk with the help of crutches because of the unbearable pain and the extreme swelling which occurs. At times when the sprain is very extreme then the patient may have to use removable cast boots or air splints. Generally a sprain takes around a month or so to heal completely. The patient need not use the crutches for a long time. But incase the ligament has torn completely then the patient may have to remain without movement for a very long time to let the sprain heal. Within the first two to three days itself the patient is required to try out some simple movement. By doing this you avoid the muscles from getting stiff. By moving a bit the calf muscles also get flexible and this is very important for the healing process. In extreme cases the treatment may include a surgical process.

By following some simple precautionary measures you can avoid suffering from ankle sprains. You need to maintain a good balance. Never jump into an exercise routine without warm up first. Always wear footwear which is comfortable and supports you. You need to include exercises which will make the ankle the muscles more strong. By taking these steps you will be able to reduce the risk of suffering from a sprain.