Treatment of a Compound Fractures; Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome pt.1


Nine months ago I fell down a full flight of stairs, thirteen steps. This is a story about my experience of the treatment of a compound fractures.

I had blown in the night before to see my sister. In the morning we went on her usual hike, two big dogs in tow. My goal was to ride with the same stride of my sisters and touch the same rock she touched each morning as she travailed the path before her. It was not a competitive edge that led me, rather one of sharing. I wanted to share her space and her life and touch her rock that satisfied her goal of meeting that mark.

We hiked that morning, took in the wonderful smells of the mountains; the pines. There is no more memorable a fragrance. We chattered, tried to catch our breaths in between laughter and the sound of our boots hitting the surface of the dirt and rocks as we headed towards our destination.

When we returned I took a shower, put on my makeup and headed towards the stairs. Looking back I guess I was both tired from the flight the day before and the hike that I was not in perfect shape for. I am not sure how exactly I only know that from the top I simply lost my balance. I fell forward down the full flight of stairs. As in a car accident or any other accident yes I saw my whole life flash before me. The main thought that rushed into my head was, "Do not break your neck!"

The first thing that hit the stairs must have been my right hand. I did not feel it, I only understood that I was falling. I then landed on my ribbs and quite the right side of my face. It was a very scary thing indeed.

continued on part two, there are three parts.