Treatment For Yeast Infection


The following digestive aid is an excellent part of a comprehensive treatment for yeast infection.

Swedish bitters is an excellent remedy for improving digestive function for curing Candida. It contains a combination of aloe vera, myrrh, saffron, senna leaves, camphor, rhubarb roots, manna, theriac Venetian, carline thistle roots, and angelica roots. It is available in a liquid form, with or without alcohol.

Most people who suffer from fungal infections are best off using the alcohol-free form. It is also available in capsule form. The book The Family Herbal by Barbara and Peter Theiss has a chapter devoted to Swedish bitters. Most people know of the beneficial effects of Swedish bitters on digestion; few realize that this combination product has myriad other uses.

Swedish bitters can be safely taken on a long-term basis as a treatment for yeast infection, provided the user does not suffer from ulcer or hyperacidity problems.

This herbal digestive aid increases stomach acidity. If you have diarrhea, bitters may be detrimental because of its laxative effect. As its name suggests, it tastes bitter, but that’s just about the only complaint I’ve heard from patients about the product. For those who despise the taste, it is available in capsules.

Stomach acid is absolutely essential for digesting protein and for the absorption of vitamins and trace minerals. Most people who benefit from bitters have a problem with low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria). Some authorities claim that about half the population of North America is hypochlorhydric.

Treatment for yeast infection stomach acidifiers such as betaine and pepsin HCL, glutamic acid HCL, and Swedish bitters all help to increase stomach acidity. If taken for long periods of time there is no toxicity and no dependence develops. The stomach, in fact, will “learn” to secrete higher amounts of acid on its own, thanks to the supplement.

Low stomach acidity has been associated with a long list of maladies, including anemia; asthma; autoimmune diseases such as vitiligo; spider veins on the face; vitamin B12 deficiency; deficiencies in iron, copper, zinc, manganese, and calcium; food allergies; Candida syndrome; parasites; and other gastrointestinal conditions-the list goes on.

This is the reason for the many testimonials on the benefits of bitters on a wide range of conditions seemingly remote from the digestive system. By increasing stomach acidity you get physical root cause of your yeast infections.

This is an excellent source of digestive aids for an overall treatment for yeast infection.