Treatment for Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is a brutal illness. A tiny microorganism called tubercle bacillus causes it,hence it named tuberculosis. This germ enters into body through the nose mouth, and the windpipe, and stay down in tile lungs. It increases by millions and produces small raised spots called tubercles.

Tuberculosis symptoms:Loss of power, color and weight:

   Tuberculosis may take place anywhere in the body but, more usually, it affects the lungs, intestines, bones, and glands. Pulmonary tuberculosis (tuberculosis of the lungs) is by far the most ordinary type of tuberculosis. It has a tendency to consume the body and the patient loses force, color, and weight.

Temperature rise, persistent cough, breathing troubles and body pain:

Other symptoms are a rise in temperature, particularly in the evening, a constant cough and hoarseness, obscurity in breathing, pain in the shoulders, heartburn, chest pain, and blood in the sputum.

Tuberculosis causes:

Lowered resistance of the body:Poorer resistance of the body system is the main cause of this disease. Lowered resistance can result from intake of improper and insufficient foods or diets, and living in ill-ventilated houses.

Inappropriate lifestyle, Smoking, drinking and stress:

Other causes include exposure to cold, loss of sleep, adulterated air, a sedentary life, overwork, use of tobacco, liquor and other unsafe drinks. These factors made the ground for the development of germs of various kinds, including tubercle bacillus. These germs may be present in the body but are quite safe for those who are endowed with vitality and natural resistance.

Home Remedies for Tuberculosis:

Tuberculosis treatment with Milk Diet:

The chief healing agent needed for the treatment of tuberculosis is calcium. Milk is only the richest food base for the supply of natural calcium to the body and should be taken liberally. In fact an exclusive milk diet is measured valuable in tuberculosis. However, a preliminary fast for three days, comprising of raw juices, if possible, orange juice, is important before the milk diet is begun. The method is to take half a glass of orange juice diluted with an identical amount of water every two hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For the full milk diet, the patient must take a glass of milk every two hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the first day, followed by a glass and a half each hour on the nextday. Thereafter, the amount can be gradually enlarged until the patient takes a glass every half an hour. Normally, six litres of milk should be taken daily. In the case of women, five litres should be enough. Raw milk, that is, milk, which has not been pasteurised, creates the best results, offers it is clean and pure. Milk must be reserved cool and away from dust, flies, odors, and sunlight. It should be softly stimulated before use to guarantee an even sharing of cream. It should be sipped very slowly so as to be thoroughly mixed with saliva which dilutes it and, to a great extent, supports itsdigestion. Nearly eight to six weeks of a full milk diet is essential for the victory of the treatment. A substantial amount of rest is essential with a milk diet and the patient should lie down for about two hours twice a day.

Tuberculosis treatment with Custard Apple:

Custard apple is considered as one of the most precious remedies for tuberculosis. It is said to have the qualities of rejuvenating drugs. Ayurvedic practitioners made fermented liquor called sitaphalasava from this fruit, when in season, for use as a remedy in the treatment of this disease. The pulp of two custard apples and twenty-five seedless raisins should be simmered in water on a slow fire. When about one-third of the water is left, it should be filtered, and then mixed with two teaspoons of crushed sugar candy, and a quarter teaspoon each of the powder of cardamom, cinnamon, and certain other condiments.

Tuberculosis treatment with Indian Gooseberry:

The Indian gooseberry is precious remedy for tuberculosis. A tablespoon each of fresh amla juice and honey, mixed jointly, should be taken every morning in treating this disease.Its normal use will support vigour and vitality in the body within a few days

Tuberculosis treatment with Pineapple:

Pineapple juice is helpful in the treatment of tuberculosis. It has been found to be useful in dissolving mucus and aiding revival. This juice was used often in the past in treating this disease when it was more ordinary than it is at present. One glass of pineapple juice is advisable daily

Tuberculosis treatment with Banana:

Bananas are measured helpful in tuberculosis. The juice of the plantain or the normal cooking bananas works miracles in tile treat of tuberculosis. It assert to have cured patients in a higher stage of this disease with frequent cough, plentiful expectoration and high fever in two months, by this treatment

Tuberculosis treatment with Orange:

Oranges are helpful in the treatment of tuberculosis. A glass of orange juice must be mixed with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of honey and taken every day by the patient. Due to its salty action in the lungs, it eases expectoration and defends the body from minor infections.

Diet for Tuberculosis:

Keep away from devitalizing foods and strong tea, coffee etc.The patient must avoid all devitalizing foodstuff such as white bread, white sugar, and refined cereals; puddings and pies; tinned and sealed foods.

Other Tuberculosis treatment:

Take total rest and avoid stress:

The patient should totally rest his mind and body. Any sort of stress will delay healing.

Exposure to fresh air and sunlight:

Fresh air is always significant in curing the disease, and the patient should pay out most of the time in the open air and sleep in a well-ventilated room. Sunshine is also necessary as tubercle bacilli are killed quickly by exposure to the sun’s rays

Avoid strain and have mental distraction:

Other helpful steps towards curing the disease are avoidance of strain, slow massage, deep breathing, and a light occupation to make sure of mental distraction.

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