Treatment For Toenail Fungus – What Really Works?

If you look up nail fungus cures on the internet, you will probably find many false hopes such as home remedies and non-prescription drugs that make all sorts of promises. Sadly, in the end most will not get rid of the problem. Nail fungus is not like a disease or bacteria that you can just kill by putting some kind of ointment on it. Actually, it feeds off the bloodstream underneath your nail so this is why it can prove to be a difficult task.

The famous prescribed Lamisil pill does just that but you have to go to the doctor. It goes into your bloodstream, the fungus feeds off it, and eventually it dies. I say eventually because it can take a while, but we will touch on that in a bit. There is also laser removal that you can get done, but you are also going to pay a hefty price for a procedure like this.

With that said, how can you cure the problem without having to go to the doctor and getting a prescription or without having to spend a lot of money? Well, there is a new product out that has been working on around 85% of people who have used it. It also works through the bloodstream and also comes with an ointment that helps the process go a little quicker. Now, if you don’t know anything about a treatment for toenail fungus then let me enlighten you a bit on how and why it can take a while.

It can take up to a full year for a new nail to completely grow. What happens is when you take Lamisil, or this new product, it will take a week or so to get into your system and it will prevent the fungus from staying alive. The end result is the fungus goes away after you grow a whole new toenail. Now, does this take a year? No, normally it takes around 5 to 6 months. This is true with the new product and with the prescribed medication.

I said eventually earlier because it is a process that definitely takes some time no matter what route you go. The main point is that this product has been proven to work on most people and you can read the reviews yourself if you like. Though instead of taking a pill, it comes with a spray that you spray underneath your tongue daily and a ointment to help the process work a little faster so that you will not have to endure it for over 6 months.