Treatment for Sleep Insomnia – Insomnia Relief


Treatment for Sleep Insomnia- Insomnia, do you really have it?

What is insomnia?  Insomnia is a common condition in which you have trouble falling or staying asleep.  It can range from mild to severe.

it can be one of three forms of insomnia

Transient Insomnia-  This is usually due to to situational changes such as travel and stressful events in life  (Such as job loss, death of a loved one, moving, etc)

Short Term Insomnia- Usually caused by ongoing stressgul events, medication, side effects, medical conditions

Chronic Insomnia- usually caused from depression or anxiety.  It can also be to a certain point hereditary and can run in families

Using melatonin 3 to 4 hours typically before you fall asleep.  Why melatonin??

There is significant evidence that links the hormone melatonin to circadian sleep cycles in humans. It has been suggested that in situations where the body’s melatonin concentration is reduced (advancing age) or the normal circadian cycle is disrupted (jet lag, shift work, blind patients), melatonin supplementation may improve both sleep duration and quality.

I think the most diagnosed insomnia is

Psychophysiologic Insomnia

In many cases, it is unclear if chronic insomnia is a symptom of some physical or psychological condition or if it is a primary disorder of its own. In most instances, a mix of psychological and physical conditions causes the insomnia.

Psychophysiologic insomnia occurs when:

  • Transient insomnia disrupts the person’s circadian rhythm.
  • The patient begins to associate the bed not with rest and relaxation but with a struggle to sleep. A pattern of sleep failure emerges.
  • Over time, this event repeats, and bedtime becomes a source of anxiety. Once in bed, the patient broods over the inability to sleep, the consequences of sleep loss, and the lack of mental control. All attempts to sleep fail.
  • Eventually excessive worry about sleep loss becomes persistent and provides an automatic nightly trigger for anxiety and arousal. Unsuccessful attempts to control thoughts, images, and emotions only worsen the situation. After such a cycle is established, insomnia becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that can persist indefinitely.

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