Treatment For Sleep Deprivation – Insomnia Treatments

The search for the perfectly effective treatment for sleep deprivation or insomnia has brought about some interesting breakthroughs in this field of study. For one thing, subliminal audio therapy just simply doesn’t work, at least not beyond psychosomatically, to affect a cure for this stressful malady. Self affirmations as well… well, that whole concept should speak for itself. However, there has been lots of data uncovered on the science behind this syndrome, and cures have been effectively produced.

The use of sounds as a treatment for insomnia and sleep deprivation for example, has had some very satisfactory results. Excluding music which has been seeded with subliminal or hypnotic suggestions, those that have an excellent effect are those that use tones and pulses in various frequencies. Of the most effective types of this brand of remedy is what is known as binaural audio therapy. Two specific, slightly out-of-sync frequencies of sound, one for each ear, are sent through stereo headphones where the brain then processes the data, which in turn induces the desired brainwave activity conducive to sleep.

Now, this has been rather effective – the only drawback is obvious… trying to fall asleep with headphones on, and not letting them get moved off your head while you sleep, as well as the wearing of them (and the movement of them on your head in sleep), waking you up again. This is one big matter that causes this to be more that a little counterproductive.

Fortunately, the most recent breakthrough in the quest for the perfect treatment for sleep deprivation and insomnia is what is known as isochronic pulses – tones and pulses of changing frequencies speak to the brain in its own language, requiring no stereo equipment, directly inducing the precise brainwave activity to allow the constant chatter in the brain to quiet down, achieving restful sleep.