Treatment For Pneumonia – Natural Vs Pharmacological

People would most likely opt for a pharmacological medication as a treatment for pneumonia. But what really works as well as these medications?

Pneumonia is the medical term used to refer to the infection that occurs in the lungs. This is caused by microorganisms which include fungi, viruses and bacteria.

This condition usually starts in the upper respiratory tract. The symptoms usually are usually something that involves pain and discomfort in the throat or the nose. After about two to three days, the symptoms of this illness will then manifest.

The signs and symptoms of this condition usually vary depending on the age of the person affected and its cause. In general, here are the symptoms that occur:

– fever
– cough
– rapid and shallow breathing
– wheezing quality of breathing
– pain in the chest area
– abdominal cramps or pain
– vomiting
– fatigue
– lack of appetite
– graying pallor of skin, lips and nails

Sometimes a person manifests only one or two of these symptoms. When this is caused by bacterial infection, the sickness is quicker to manifest and the fever may alarmingly high. If it is caused by virus, the symptoms are slower to manifest and they are less severe compared to the symptoms detected by bacterial infection.

This illness can persist for a period of one to two weeks. If it is caused by viral infection, the duration may last even longer. This illness is also very contagious.

This can spread easily if the affected person coughs or sneezes and the fluid from the body of the person affected spews out. This can also be spread by sharing utensils or personal belongings with the person affected.

There are actually vaccines that can help eliminate the likelihood of acquitting this illness. If the child is diagnosed with heart ailment, lung complications and asthma, it is recommended to have them vaccinated to prevent further complications.

If you or your children already have this condition, antibiotics can be prescribed by your doctor to be administrated at home. The antibiotic prescribed depends on the cause of the illness.

A child may hospitalized if the symptoms are severe and the fever is high. Those who suffer from asthma, heart and lung diseases also need more medical attention.

Pharmacologic treatment for pneumonia is effective but there are more to the treatment than this. Parents can also use natural remedies that are also as effective, if not even better.

Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and veggies rich in Vitamin C can help improve this condition. You can get your daily dose of this nutrient from broccoli, red pepper and citrus fruits.

The essential oil of Tulsi is effective in achieving this condition. This herbal remedy has been deemed one of the most effective natural treatments for pneumonia. Try rubbing the essential oil on your chest and you can experience immediate relief.

The leaf is also beneficial. You can make tea out of the leaves and drink the mixture. You can add black pepper in this drink for better results.

This is also another great remedy. It can make the person affected sweat more to help lower down his / her body temperature. This can be taken in tea form.