Treatment For Bruxism – Botox Injections

Thousands of people grind their teeth or clench their jaws during sleep. This is an involuntary jaw activity of which a person is not aware of and it is referred to as Bruxism. There are some cases where this problem can be attributed as a symptom of other medical conditions; though mostly, this is not a sign for any potential health concern. Morning stiffness around the jaw area, migraines attributed to the jaw clench and neck pain are among the most common symptoms of this disease. While there is no official single cure for this condition that works for all, treatment for Bruxism is available and it can be divided in two approaches – clinical / prescription and natural / holistic.

Among the accepted clinical forms of treatment is Botox. The Botulinum Toxin is used in many cosmetic procedures. In this problem it is used to relax the muscles; particularly those in the domestic area. In most cases, however Botox is generally used for those who wish to "iron out" wrinkles and crow's feet. However, this treatment was not created just for cosmetic purposes; This is just a secondary method of using this treatment. The primary purpose of the Botulinum Toxin is to treat diseases such as muscle spasticity. These would include conditions such as wry neck, eyelid spasm and crossed eyes. The relaxation of the muscles achieved through this therapy is used to reduce the stiffness of the jaw. With this form of treatment for Bruxism, although very expensive, an individual can finally get much need relief from consistent morning pain and stiffness of the jaw.