Treatment for Angular Cheilitis – Angular Stomatitis Remedy


What Is Angular Cheilitis?

Angular Cheilitis also known as perleche, angular stomatitis & cheilosis is a skin condition usually occurring around the corners of the mouth along which manifests as cracks and deep fissures. Other symptoms are shallow ulcers or crusty, flaky skin at the corner of the mouth. There are certain cases in which the cracks start bleeding when you open your mouth. The sufferer of angular stomatitis has to bear immense pain, irritation as well as embarrassment.

Cheilosis is generally caused by a fungus or bacterial contamination. There can be many other reasons for the development of angular cheilitis such as malnutrition which results in the deficiency of iron and vitamins, badly fitted dentures, lip licking causing chapped lips. Stress, something called the papilloma virus, some antibiotics & allergens can also lead to cheilitis. However, the cause of angular cheilitis is not certain it can occur due to any of the above mentioned reasons but this disease can be naturally treated at home.

Treatment for Angular Cheilitis

If you suffer with cheilitis it is advisable to apply Vaseline lip balm or aloe Vera gel to the affected areas to protect it from getting cracks and splits, it’s better to do this than keep licking your lips as this can make the condition worse. One can also use vitamin E oil to treat the affected areas. Moreover, one can also cut a piece of cucumber and massage it on your mouth. Neem leaf is considered as an anti-toxic agent and you can also rub it on the affected areas. You can also apply olive oil, Vaseline on your lips to keep it moisturised. Honey which is assumed to contain antibacterial properties can help in the curing purpose; it can be applied on the lips for fifteen minutes and then washed.

Which Foods to use as a Treatment for Angular Cheilitis

Many patients are found to be suffering from this disease due to the nutritional deficiency the best treatment for them would be consuming food that has high content of vitamin B and minerals. Their food habit should include items that are rich in vitamin B like legumes, fish, potatoes, eggs, poultry, milk, peanuts, liver, soy beans, meat, brown rice etc. Apart from this, food should also contain iron which can be obtained by consuming pumpkin seeds, spinach, canned beans, artichokes, shrimps, etc. In addition to this, one can also boost the immune system by taking Vitamin supplements.

What To Avoid: Angular Cheilitis sufferers should avoid drinking citric based juice, such as orange juice, which is acidic in nature and can cause irritation. To prevent further irritation, consumption of foods containing excessive spices, and citrus fruits amongst other things should be stopped or reduced.