Treating Toenail Fungus With Undecylenic Acid

Roughly 30% of the population will experience some form of nail fungus throughout their lifetime. Often nail fungus will last for years and years without treatment. Treatment of toenail fungus is much easier earlier on than later because nails will become thicker and more resistant to treatment. With that said it is just harder to treat nails and requires a little more diligence if you’ve had it for years.

Using Undecylenic Acid to Treat Toenail Fungus

Effective fungus treatment with Undecylenic Acid is possible. This is a natural substance that is extracted organically from plants. It works by attacking existing fungus. It however does not effectively get rid of future fungus growth. The acid is best used in a combination treatment. A lot of good natural remedies will include Undecylenic Acid and other things such as essential oils. These really help promote nail health and eliminate future fungus growth more than just killing the existing fungus.

It’s important to take into consideration the use of effective preventative measures in order to effectively treat your nail fungus. Wear moisture absorbent socks and wear loose fitting shoes. Shoes that don’t fit can cause your nail to rub against the side of the shoe and can enhance the fungus infection. Wear sandals in public areas will really help eliminate the odds of getting a fungus or encouraging new growth.

There are several different types of fungus. Some are more easily treatable than others but with enough effort all forms are usually treatable given time.