Treating Genital Warts – How To Remove Penis Warts

No one knows the best treatment for a particular case of penis warts better than a physician. Warts on the penis or in the genital area are caused by a sexually transmitted disease called HPV which affects the skin. At present, there is no cure for the virus. It is estimated that half of all adult men and women will contract HPV.

There is no cure, but there are quite a few options for treatment available. The American Academy of Physicians states that the purpose of treatment is to keep from passing the virus on to someone else, and to ease physical discomfort. There are different treatments available, and no one treatment is suitable for everyone. Your doctor will look at the warts and take size, number of warts and location into consideration when choosing a treatment. You can also decide based on expense, convenience, or risks.

The options for treatment include surgery, cyrotherapy, immunotherapy, topical chemicals or anti-viral medications. Often, penis warts can be treated right in the doctor’s office.

Cyrotherapy – Your doctor will spray your warts with liquid nitrogen and they will freeze off. This can be done in the office.

TCA, or trichloracetic acid – The doctor will apply this solution to the warts.

Cutting off warts – Your doctor can actually cut them off the day you come in.

Electrocautery – The doctor uses an electrical current to burn them off.

Laser therapy – For severe cases, your doctor may opt to use a laser to remove the warts. This is expensive and cannot be done at every medical facility. It is often used when nothing else works.

There are also treatments that your doctor can prescribe and you can do at home. This is usually in the form of a topical cream like imiquimod or podofilox. With these, you have to put it on every day for a certain number of weeks. These solutions are often the most convenient and comfortable because you can do them at home.

You can also find treatments in the form of over the counter medications, but almost every doctor recommends against using these. They are quite effective in destroying warts, but the harsh, abrasive chemicals can sometimes irritate or damage the surrounding skin. At most pharmacies you can buy Dr. School’s Wart Remover, Wart-Off or Compound W. Freezone. But, keep in mind that these over the counter remedies can be painfully uncomfortable or even dangerous if used incorrectly.

Remember that, even after the warts disappear, you still have the HPV virus. There is no cure. This means that, at any time in the future, you may experience another outbreak of penis warts.