Treating Gastritis Naturally With a Two Fold Approach

Treating gastritis naturally may prevent you getting it again. Natural treatment of any ailment is more about finding the cause and addressing that, than it is about masking the symptoms, the effect. Gastritis is the inflammation of the lining of your stomach. It can be caused by almost any factors, but typical reasons for acute gastritis can be food poisoning, pregnancy, irritants such as drugs, alcohol or motion.

Other causes, particularly for chronic gastritis can be from some part of your digestive tract being compromised. Such as your liver, your gall bladder or your intestines. The whole of you can affect the parts. One of the best ways of ensuring your gastritis reduces or disappears altogether is to start treating your body with respect. Feed it with good, wholesome, nutritious food that will nurture and is easily absorbed.

Forget the processed food with its pretty pictures, the junk and the fast food. None of that is in your long term interest. Eat plenty of fresh and living foods – fruit and vegetables. Limiting your drugs to only those that are essential, will prevent irritants from disturbing your digestive tract. Using holistic medicines instead, especially homeopathy, can be far more effective and do not do any damage.

Homeopathy works by stimulating your immune system to work better for you. This is why you never need a convalescent period with homeopathic treatment. It automatically starts by bringing your energy up. Your treatment IS your convalescence. Homeopathy works by individualising your unique and personal symptoms. Your gastritis will have its own stamp.

For example, the cause may be different for you, than for others. Your symptoms may include burning pains in your stomach, or you may have a horrible nausea. You may have stomach cramps or be unable to vomit, or vomiting may be painful. You might crave icy cold drinks during the gastritis. It may be worse in the morning. Diarrhoea may accompany it.

Your unique symptoms build up a picture to a professional homeopath, who can sift through the details and hone in on those that paint a picture of the appropriate medicine for you. This is then likely to resolve your gastritis.