Treating Corner of Mouth Sores Naturally


What starts off as a seemingly simple condition sometimes progresses into a chronic condition which you just can not shift! There are a few simple ways of treating corner of mouth sore naturally but before you start, it is vital that you think about what the underlying causes of the condition might be, otherwise you may never manage to eradicate it altogether.

Split or sore mouth edges are very common in the elderly and children but can affect people of any age. In the elderly, they are often as a result of ill-fitting dentures or the muscle slackness which occurs with age, causing the edges of the mouth to sag. Both of these result in saliva escaping from the mouth corners. In children, corner of mouth sores can be caused by pen sucking, finger biting or thumb sucking and this also results in the dribbling of saliva.

This escape in saliva causes the edges of the mouth to become permanently damp and this in itself causes soreness and irritation. More worrying though is the fact that sometimes a fungal infection can take hold and this is when the condition becomes difficult to eradicate. However, even with a fungal infection, treating corner of mouth sores naturally is possible.

If you think the issue could be ill-fitting dentures, then have the problem corrected professionally. Once this is done soak them overnight in a mild bleach solution to eliminate any bacteria. Where the problem appears to be putting fingers or objects in the mouth, try to discourage this practice by painting them with an "anti-nail biting" solution which tastes bitter.

Another simple way of treating corner of mouth sores naturally is to dry the affected area as much as possible and place a thin layer of petroleum jelly on top. This will give some protection from further moisture which will give some pain relief.

If you have had the condition for more than a couple of days, it is likely that the infection is fungal in nature and the only way to eradicate it completely is to starve the affected area of ​​oxygen and moisture.