Treating Arachnophobia and Fear of Spiders with Hypnotherapy

Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is one of the most common of human phobias.

It is a common fear and one that we treat quite often in our hypnotherapy practice here in the UK.

In fact, research suggests that about 50% of all women and 10% of all men suffer from arachnophobia to one degree or another.

Though no-one is actually born with this fear, it is something that affects millions of people around the world.

In fact, real arachnophobia can affect an individual’s life to such a degree that it influences many different aspects.

The arachnophobic person may base their choice of home, work or vacation on their fear of spiders.

Indeed, discovering the smallest of spiders while driving can provoke such panicky feelings that the driver becomes unsafe and places both themself and other people in danger.

Very often the arachnophobic person will go to great lengths to ensure that they avoid spiders. They may become over-vigilant and anxious when taking a shower or bath, or when getting into and out of bed, for example.

For the true arachnophobic, even a picture of a spider can cause feelings of repulsion and fear.

As with most phobias, the individual experiencing this fear usually understands that it is illogical in nature.

They may know perfectly well that their chances of encountering a spider and of that spider harming them in any way are remote, yet they feel powerless to control their fear.

The origins of arachnophobia inevitably lie in the individual’s past, often in childhood.

At some time or other, the person may have been frightened or made anxious by the sight of a spider – in life, in a movie or on TV.

Or they might have learned to link anxiety with a repulsion of spiders because they have witnessed an adult displaying such emotions and have subconsciously modelled this behaviour.

In both cases the fear has become embedded on a deep, subconscious level.

Often the actual cause of the phobia has been forgotten by the conscious mind and the feeling is that they have had this fear all their life.

Such, however, is not the case. The fear of spiders is something that is learned, not inborn.

The fastest and most effective means of freeing a person from arachnophobia is by going to its origin and then neutralizing the faulty belief that underpins this fear.

Through the skilful use of modern advanced transformational hypnotherapy we can reach deep within the subconscious, to where the fear itself is embedded.

This accomplished, the individual can be helped to let go of the faulty programming and replace it with a more realistic one.

There really is no reason why you or anyone you care about need continue to experience anxiety because a fear of spiders.

Seek out an experienced and fully trained transformational hypnotherapist and set yourself free from this debilitating phobia.

You’ll be enormously glad you did!