Treating Acne – Benzoyl Peroxide

Almost all of the topical treatments for acne available over the counter today contain a substance called benzoyl peroxide. This chemical is very commonly used. It's not a guaranteed cure but it is an effective treatment.

Topical treatment is the first line of defense if you have mild or moderate acne. Using a topical treatment is effective in many cases. Plus, treating acne with topical treatments is quite safe and has few side effects.

Do not use anything with benzoyl peroxide on broken skin. You should also be aware that the chemical can cause dryness or flaking in some people, be irritating, or even cause a skin rash. Be sure to use it carefully if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria. This is how it is effective against acne; it kills the bacteria that cause most breakouts. Generally, any topical acne treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide can be considered to be safe and likely to be effective. It is highly unlikely it will do actual damage to your skin even if you do react to it with irritation.

Allergy is another matter. If you are one of the rare people who experience burning, swelling, or itching from a topical treatment, check with your doctor immediately.

When you are treating your skin with a topical preparation that contains benzoyl peroxide, it is important that you not use other topical skin preparations. If you do, it can reduce the effectiveness of your acne treatment.

Generally, topical treatments with a concentration of at least 2.5% benzyoyl peroxide are effective for most people. Mild to moderate acne responses well to benzoyl peroxide and people of all ages can use it so long as they are not allergic.

Some people are not able to conquer acne with topical treatments. These people may wish to try the Zeno acne clearing device. This is a hand-held unit that emits a non-reducing heat that kills bacteria and clears away pimples. Often the Zeno is effective in a matter of mere hours, which makes it the fastest way to get rid of acne around.