Treating a Fracture With Homeopathy

Treating a fracture with homeopathy can mean a rapid, pain-free healing. However, to achieve this, there are some facts you need to know. Some fractures, such as in the bones of your abdomen, are not able to be set in a cast. This means other measures have to be taken, such as immobilising the patient to ensure true union.

This can be unpleasant and even inappropriate in the case of animals. But when a bad fracture can be set, it should be, to ensure the best possible healing. However, healthy healing relies on more than just the setting of the bone. It also needs a healthy immune system. And this can be lacking in many people.

By using the appropriate homeopathic medicine, you are raising your immunity to deal more rapidly and more effectively with the healing. The use of the homeopathic injury medicine Arnica will always assist in the healing of the soft tissue surrounding the fracture. Often enough to allow the bones to slip back into place, all ready to start healing.

So this should be the first medicine of choice in all fractures other than the severe compound fractures. These fractures need to be started with Aconite, to allay any shock, before going on to Arnica. The homeopathic medicine Symphytum can start healing the union so fast, it's always best to delay its use until after the bone has been set, if possible. You do not want the repair to be misaligned.

Symphytum will rapidly dissolve the pain of a fracture as well as any related injury, such as to the periosteum, the lining of the bone. Symphytum will also resolve the pain of a healed fracture that still gives trouble. The use of the appropriate fracture medicines can also prevent any subsequent problems occurring later in life, such as arthritis in the break.