Treating a Candida Rash Naturally

Candida often remains in the body without causing any major problems. However, when the immune system is compromised this yeast can grow unchecked. This can also happen when an antibiotics is taken, or when there is a problem with a vitamin B12 deficiency which causes anemia. When Candida grows out of check, it can show up as an infection in many places in the body. The most common are the vagina, penis, anus, mouth, and sometimes around the finger or toe nails. There are times when this problem shows up as a Candida rash.

This rash is often made up of a large patch of red skin that may be very itchy and irritated. Pustules may form in parts of the rash, and in some cases, it can be white and extremely raw and painful. This rash will appear around the anus or the vagina in women, and can be on the penis and the anus for men. In rarer cases, it might appear around the navel or the finger and toe nails.

Babies can have thrush in the mouth, and they may also develop a diaper rash that is from the Candida in their system. This is often something they got before they were born from their mothers. Because their immune systems are young, they may have problems with the overgrowth of this yeast.

There are many ways to treat this rash, and the main way is to get rid of the imbalance in the body. When the growth of Candida can be stopped, the irritations and infections will stop growing and can then be treated. Sometimes something as simple as eating a diet that is low in sugar can help keep Candida yeast at bay.

However, there may be natural ways to help get rid of the some of the symptoms, and someone who is experiencing a problem will want to find a way to get rid of the troublesome rash as soon as possible. Not only is it painful, it can be embarrassing when on visible areas of the body.

One of the best things for a Candida rash is to leave it open to the air. Though this is not always possible, it should be done as much as possible. This will keep the area clean and dry. This yeast craves dampness, so the drier the area can be the better. When clothing must be worn, it is best to wear materials that are loose, and ones that are made with breathable materials. It is also a great idea to get products made with natural ingredients when they are going to touch the body. Things like toilet paper and sanitary pads with added scents will irritate the rash.

When a Candida rash is present in the vagina or the anus, a simple bath might help it to clear up more quickly. There is a natural mixture of a half a cup of salt and a half a cup of vinegar that can be added to the bath water to promote healing.

When the rash is in the mouth, a mouthwash of apple cider vinegar might work well. Some suggest inserting yogurt or vinegar into the vagina, but it would be best to talk to a doctor about this before tempting to do so. If none of these remedies work, it might not be a Candida rash, or you may need medications to help you clear it up completely.