Treat Sore Throat – Remedies Right From Your Kitchen

Treating sore throat is not so complicated. There are antibiotics available in drug stores even without the doctor’s prescription. But if the budget is tight, then you can still stick to home remedies that are not only effective but very cheap as well. Most of these natural methods can be easily obtain right from your own kitchen. In this article you will find easy ways to help you find relief from your itchy and painful throat.

Here are your natural remedies to help you treat your sore throat in no time.

1. Drink citrus tea. You can drink a mixture of lemon juice with one tablespoon of honey dissolve on one glass of warm water every day and night. You can also substitute lime for lemon.

2. You can take analgesic to help relieve the pain. But if you are pregnant or suspects that you are, then it would be better if you check it with your doctor before you start taking analgesics.

3. Eat some fruit ice bars. To help you get relief from the burning sensation on your throat, you can eat some cold fruit bars. But make sure not to suck it as this will only irritate your throat more. Just let it melt into your mouth and let the cold liquid flow down your throat.

4. Drink marjoram tea. Drink this herbal tea every night to help you get relief and to help you get a good night sleep as well.

These are just some of the simple home remedies you can try to help you treat your sore throat but if nothing works then it is wise to seek professional help as soon as possible.