Treat Serious Ankle Sprains With the Air-Stirrup


Ankle sprains are very common injuries, especially among athletes, but also among non-athletes. Around 25,000 people sprain their ankles every day. There are countless ways that a sprained ankle can occur. This injury can happen when you fall during a sporting activity or while running down steps, step the wrong way on your ankle, roll your ankle or jump and land in the wrong position. A sprain actually occurs when a ligament, which is the elastic structure holding the ankle together and protecting it from unusual movement, stretches too far beyond its natural limitations. Some ankle sprains are severe. These occur when the ligament overstretches and then actually tears. There are three different degrees of ankle sprain, the first being mild and easily treated with some rest, and the second two being more serious, requiring splinting and maybe even physical therapy. Rarely, a bad ankle sprain requires reconstructive surgery to repair the elastic ankle ligaments, but most sprains can be handled with splints, rest and eventual therapy.

The medical community usually treats ankle sprains with air splints or air casts. The Aircast Air-Stirrup is one of the most common models used to heal sprained ankles. Severe ankle sprain recovery is made easier with the Air-Stirrup because its design allows it to be worn over socks and inside shoes, so that patients recovering from serious ankle sprains can continue their daily lives almost completely uninterrupted while still healing themselves.

In over 100 Cited medical journals, the Aircast Air-Stirrup has the perfect design to treat serious ankle Sprains. This is largely because of the model's incorporation of the Duplex air cell system. This system produces support and compression while the patient is walking through the use of two over-lapping air-filled cells, providing unparalleled support on both the distal and proximal sides of the ankle, allowing the ankle injury to heal. The pressure provided by the Air-Stirrup's unique design speeds up the healing process by reducing edema, which is the swelling that accompanies ankle injuries. The semi-rigid exterior of the Air-Stirrup is ideal for protecting your recovering ankle against inversion and eversion, so that your healing process will not be stunted by unwanted twists and turns of your ankle.

The best thing about the Aircast Air-Stirrup is that it can stay with you through your entire recovery process. Whether you suffer from acute ankle instability or a Grade 3 ankle sprain, the Air-Stirrup is appropriate for all levels of ankle treatment. After the initial injury, the ankle brace can be used as a cast for simple stability while resting and icing, and gradually as you recover enough to begin putting weight on your ankle once again, the Air-Stirrup can come with you. Its design even allows for it to fit inside a shoe or sneaker, so as swelling decreases, the Air-Stirrup can still be worn while you finish your recovery. After the brace has helped with your full recovery from a serious ankle sprain, it can still come in handy if you experience any residual ankle instability or future minor sprains. It is great to have on hand for those occasional bad falls, and having it could prevent you from getting another severe sprain.