Treat Panic Disorder With Your Very Own Masterplan


Back when I was trying to treat panic disorder I was a little lost. I did not know where to turn, or what to try. Some things I got a shot, and I made a little progress. Other things I tried and made none. But my biggest problem was that I had no real plan of attack. I did not know what I was trying to achieve.

So when I realized this I started developing something that I'd like to share with you today, and I think if you make use of this idea you'll have a great new way to treat panic disorder.

I called it my "masterplan."

It was a combination of short-term goals, and long-term goals, and a way to track them.

I think it's vital to have a long-term goal that you've like to achieve (your ultimate goal), and many short-term goals (little baby steps you'd like to achieve along the way.). And just as important as those goals is an effective way to track them.

So first of all, decide on your long-term goal and write it down. Then plot out all the baby step goals that will take you from where you are now to your ultimate goal. When you see an entire plan laid out like this ic can be very inspiring, because it makes your long-term goal suddenly seem so easy to reach.

When you've got all your goals written down, start monitoring your progress towards them in a daily journal. You can either do this in a little diary, or maybe even an online blog. Nothing fancy – just a quick note of the progress you made that day, and if you've achieved or got nearer to any of your short-term, or baby step, goals.

Having a masterplan like this can produce incredible results, and I think if you stick with it you will have a great new weapon in your arsenal to treat panic disorder.