Treat Ingrown Toenail The Natural Way

Having an ingrown toenail is not an occasion to celebrate, yet knowing one can treat ingrown it naturally is a joyous occasion. By applying home remedies, you can save time and money from having to visit your health care provider. So first, you may wish to give it a go to see if you can solve the problem yourself, not withstanding, if the problem persists, professional medical advice should be sought.

Infection fighting essential oils such as lavender, tea tree or oregano that has been diluted in a small amount of olive oil may be rubbed into the affected toenail as a gentle treatment. Essential oils can also be added to a tub with warm water and the toe can be soaked to reduce any pain or irritation that comes with the territory of having an ingrown toenail. Hydrogen peroxide which can be easily found at any retailer, along with homeopathic calendula tincture make great additions to warm foot soaks as well.

Lovely oil infusions of calendula or St. John’s Wort will help promote natural pain relief and healing of inflamed tissues. All you have to do is take a small amount of either oil and rub it on and around the ingrown toe nail. One can make these oils themselves, or go to their health food store and purchase ready-made oil. This application can be done as much as needed for relief.

Hydrotherapy applications are another source of comfort for one suffering from discomfort from this problem. One can try cold or warm compresses depending on one’s preference and place it on the toenail for relief. This treatment can be done as much as needed without any consequence.

Nutrition plays an important role in the healing of an ingrown toe nail. Certain vitamins like vitamin C are important in the diet to keep the immune system strong. A strong immune system is essential to keep infections from invading the body. Vitamin B is also a vitamin that when is in abundance in the diet can help heal the ingrown toenail, as well as prevent it in the future. Eating a diet that is balanced, and has plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and lean protein can help one make sure they get the essential nutrients they need. Supplements may also be used as necessary too, especially when trying to speed up the healing process.

Even when using natural methods to treat ingrown toenail, it is advised to monitor the toes to make sure it does not become infected or doesn’t worsen. If the ingrown toenail is not appearing to heal, check with a physician for further assistance to treat ingrown toenail.