Treat Enlarged Adenoids With Homeopathy

Not many know that adenoids are part of body’s natural immune system. ADENOIDS is not a disease. Many patients come to us saying their child has adenoids or so they are told by surgeon who wants to operate the child and remove his adenoids. Firstly let’s understand that adenoids are body’s natural weapons against infections and foreign invaders. They function in our body like a protecting mechanism and are one of the first lines of defense.

Adenoids are a mass of lymphatic tissue situated in the posterior nasal cavity where the nose bends into the throat.

They are made up of lymphoid tissue. Like other lymph glands, white blood cells circulate through these adenoids reacting to the foreign invaders of the body. All have adenoids at birth; slowly they start shrinking in size and by adulthood, in most people they disappear. Thus, we can very well sense that during the childhood, adenoids are an important tissue if we want our children not to suffer from frequent infections. Therefore, removing adenoids is never the primary option when there is some problem with them.

Apparently the only indication to remove adenoids is sleep apnoea, in which the airway is completely obstructed in a child due to excessively enlarged adenoids when the child gets breathless and blue in face at night, which makes him sleepless.

Clinical features-

In a child where adenoids have increased in size, he is said to have adenoid face. The features include an elongated face with short upper lip, prominent incisors, elevated nostrils and a high arched palate. The child continuously breathes through mouth. Some children with adenoid swelling may breathe through mouth only during night.

How Can Homeopathy Help?

As homeopathy strengthens the immunity of the child through its classical constitutional medicine, a child with adenoid swelling is no exception. However, taking a detailed history of the child, his family history, miasmatic study by considering his birth and conception history is imperative in selecting the right remedy. As with any acute exacerbation of chronic case, firstly it should be the duty of the homeopath to relieve the child of his acute problems due to enlarged adenoids. Only after the child is made capable of receiving a constitutional dose by settling his acute issues, one can go for the constitutional drug that will not only put an end to recurrent tonsillitis (if present) but even shrink his adenoid swelling. Most children regain back normal face structure and reduce mouth breathing after being put on the homeopathic therapy.

The most important remedies that need to be differentiated while treating swollen adenoids are Baryta carb, Agraphis nutans, Calcarea phos, Calcarea carb, Hydrastis, Bromium and Tuberculinum. Tuberculinum as an intercurrent nosode is quite frequently used in the cases of adenoid swellings. However, one must also consider Medorrhinum if the sycotic family history is predominant. For acute complaints arising due to adenoids, one can use remedies like Belladona, Hepar sulph, Merc sol, Wyethia, etc.