Travel Nursing Options


Do you think you want to live in a different state or part of the country without making a final commitment? If so, travel nursing may be for you. These are only a couple of reasons to consider being a travel nurse.

There are many other benefits of travel nursing. You can use your travel permit to rent a room, apartment, house or maybe even a RV. You do not even have to pay taxes on it. The hourly rate of pay is substantially higher than a fulltime permanent staff member at the same hospital. This could enable you to work fewer hours and spend a lot of time sightseeing or with your family. Choose to work forty hours a week and set aside the salary above what you would receive if you had a regular nursing job. With the increase in salary per hour and your rent paid for you could save a sizable down payment towards the future home of your dreams. Already have the home of your dreams, the travel allowance will pay your rent and you can continue to make payments on the house you already own.

The employer offers health insurance that is comprehensive and immediate including medical, dental and vision. Many times the above insurance plus life, accidental death, professional liability insurance are available to you free of charge. Another perk is free continuing education and licensure renewal. Usually you can participate immediately in a 401K plan with employer matching and receive referral bonuses for anyone you refer after they complete a three to four month assignment.

Due to the extreme shortage of nurses, the odds are significantly in your favor that a nursing job in your specialty is available in the area in which you wish to work or visit. If you were looking to move into management, the opportunity to be exposed to many different management styles would be to your benefit.

As a travel nurse you must be able to go into a foreign hospital and work independently. The company that you do travel nursing for will assist you in obtaining the necessary credentials and education.

Now that you know about all the benefits, how do you get started? You must have a least one year of current acute care experience to be considered. Go to the company's website and fill out an application. It will consist of registration where you get an ID and password. Complete all sections including the personal information, professional information, work history, legal questions and the appropriate skills checklist. Once they have completed verification of the information you provided and you have passed the necessary background checks you are on your way to your first job as a travel nurse. They will assign you a recruiter who will provide guidance from this point. At last you have taken control of your future and decide where, when and how long you work in each location.