Transgender Females

Transgender people can either be female or male. After the transgender process and change of identity and expression, these individuals require to be heard by the society. They have the same rights as all citizens. Everyone has a right to be heard when they file a report. No matter whether one is of a particular race or gender, what matters is that we are all citizens of one community. All the rules set are meant for everyone to follow. After becoming a transgender female, there is a lot of discrimination that comes with the transformation from the society, but these people have rights that need to be respected.

The right to be heard- After complaining about an insult or harassment, the law is supposed to take action against the offender. After all, being a transgender woman you require privacy and respect. Therefore, the law should take all measures necessary to reduce such situations, as being a transgendered person does not change the fact that one is human. Being transgender simply means that one made a choice to live independently with an identity and sex they feel much more comfortable with.

The right to all women’s rights- All women, that includes young, old, short, tall and fat, have the rights to use a public toilet whenever they feel the need to relieve themselves. Therefore, why should it be a problem when a transgender girl or woman requires the same? The use of a toilet is a right to every single person identified as a woman on their identity card, and therefore they should have the right to make use of the facility without any queries or insults from the public. They have the rights to give birth and raise children like any other women. They can dress casually and appropriately as women of any society.

The right to social activities, education facilities- It becomes very difficult for those teenagers who undergo this transformation, as they will find it is difficult to even just go to school. There is often a lot of teasing and discrimination from students, parents,and other authority figures. Transgender women should also have the ability to choose any occupation without any questions being asked. Most of all, it should not be a problem for them to go to public events like parties, dinners, clubs, and so forth.

The right to have relationships- Just because one is transgender does not necessarily mean that they have committed a crime. Therefore they should have the right to date and to be loved. Friends and family should not abandon them because of their choice of gender. They can also have a romantic relationship with someone who can learn to love them. Harassment and insulting should be avoided at all times, so as to allow these individuals to experience life just like any other human being.