Training With Cerebral Palsy – Strength Training


Cerebral palsy is a condition that arises due to a group of disorders in the nervous system and the brain. People with cerebral palsy find difficulty in movement, seeing, hearing, thinking and learning. CP is a lifelong disease that has no cure! If a person suffering from this condition has to be made independent, it is possible only if the prime cause of this condition is dealt with, which is strengthening of the muscles.

Cerebral palsy training includes a lot of things that a person suffering from this condition needs to learn so that he/she can live by their own. To help a person in movement, strength training or resistive training should be given. If this therapy is given along with other exercises then it can increase muscle strength and flexibility. It also prevents atrophy of muscles which is a rare condition that can occur in children and adults suffering from cerebral palsy.

People with no CP can walk and move freely without any problem in movement. This is because the muscles and tendons are stretched while performing daily functions. However, this is not possible with people having cerebral palsy. They have difficulty in performing their day-to-day actions because the muscles grow slower than the bones which results in a serious complication called contracture. This is where cerebral palsy training plays an important role. Strength training helps to keep the muscles strong and limber so that a chance of contracture reduces.

Similarly, leg muscles are vital for posture and walking ability. Since people with cerebral palsy have weaker leg muscles, there is a tendency for them to crouch. Also, they may develop “scissor gait” which is a condition wherein they will walk on their toes with knees bent inward. To prevent this, strength training is very essential. Besides, cerebral palsy training aims at significantly improving a person’s gross motor skills such as sitting, standing and walking which are a part and parcel of any person’s daily activities.

There are many benefits that can be achieved from strength training. Cerebral palsy training will help people increase their walking speed, walking efficiency, motor activity and reduce spasticity. Besides, as the training proceeds, muscles will start gaining strength and flexibility which will aid in making them have a normal body movement. Thus, with the help of cerebral palsy strength training a person may learn to walk, sit, stand and move with their maximum potential which in turn helps them become more independent.

A person with CP has a lot of disorders which makes their life difficult. Only with the right support and care from people around them, they will have a hope to live. If the condition is very serious, then they can be put in institutions which will treat them as well as take care of them with the help of a team dedicated for such patients. Hence, it is our duty to train them sufficiently so that they can live a life of their own without depending too much on others to perform their daily activities.