Torticollis – What You Need to Know

The muscles in your neck are in uncontrollable spasms, and your head is twisted to one side. You suffer from pain daily and sometimes that pain radiates into your shoulders. You may have torticollis, also called spasmodic torticollis or cervical dystonia.

Torticollis is a disorder where the neck muscles contract uncontrollably, causing the head to be twisted or turned in various positions. Sometimes a jerking of the head will also occur. This condition is usually painful and certain activities such as standing and walking can make spasms worse, making even simple tasks difficult. Severe heads are not unusual with torticollis.

While anyone can get this condition it is more common in middle aged females, usually between 35-60 years old. Symptoms usually begin gradually then plateau to a place where they do not get any worse. For certain patients torticollis can be a debilitating condition that leads to depression.

There is no cure for torticollis but there are different treatment options. Some people take different medications, pain relievers and may get routine massage to help relax muscles and relieve discomforts.
Others go a more holistic route using acupunture and reike therapies. While others will opt for surgery.

Currently there are two different brain surgeries for torticollis: one called "lesioning procedures", which involves destruction of targeted, abnormal brain tissue and the other is called "deep brain stimulation" which mimics the effects of lesioning using electrical impulses.

If this condition is affecting you, see your doctor, take care of yourself and take heart-there is plenty of hope and help on the way!