Topics and Themes in an Article

In article writing, there are various elements that an individual must always have in mind. Some of the things to check on also involve how to choose a theme for an article. What the writer wants to write about should be summarized in the topic in a few words or phrases.

The topic of the publication is usually what attracts the readers or any other person accessing the article from any place. These themes also depend on the type of information to be relayed to the readers. Disconnected topic contents and body parts of the article usually means that the article body does not truly fulfill the promise made on the heading, topic or theme of the publication. The two parts of the piece of writing are supposed to have the same information with the body part explaining more about the topic.

The importance of using the themes or topics in most documentations is to attract a certain audience. With the publisher putting him or herself in his or her readers' minds, he or she is able to know what they usually want and also how they want it done. Sometimes it is also important to add the same phrase used in the body in the theme. Since it is used to summarize the entire piece of writing, it should define almost everything to be talked of in the body. Some themes are usually detailed hence containing more than just a phrase or a sentence while others are short with about two to five words only.

Connecting the theme of the body to the topic in the heading will aid viewer retention.