Top WOTLK Flesh Giant Guide – Wrath of the Lich King Strategy & Leveling Guides

If you're familiar with World of Warcraft's abominations, detestable creatures created from joining corpses of other beings by the use of dark necromantic magic, then get ready for the next level. In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, abominations will take the backstage as an even worse and decidedly scarier and more dangerous creature is introduced. Known as a Flesh Giant, this creature is like a nightmare come to life. If you want to know more about them, then you better read on below. It's highly possible that you'll meet one in your travels in Northrend.

Piercing Spare Parts Together

Basically, how these creatures are made is through using the extra parts of other slaughtered creatures and patching them up or even sewing them together. If that's not despicable enough, the Scourge minions who are responsible for the "creation process" actually harvest the body parts during the battles. What can be used of other creatures' bodies, they take. What makes a Flesh Giant different from an Abomination is the fact that only Giant parts are used to make Flesh Giants. Brought to life by the Lich King's dark powers, the creatures begin their path of destruction, with Giant strength in their limbs and evil power coursing through their veins.

Different Types, Same Evil

There are different types of Flesh Giants. There are those that are made entirely of the body parts of the slain Giants of Northrend, while there are others whose bodies have been incorporated with machinery through Scourge technology. Some Flesh Giants are only used as battering rams, plowing through enemies and knocking down gates to various kingdoms, while there are Flesh Giants that have syringes and tubes on their bodies filled with a greenish liquid. Presumably, the role of a Flesh Giant like this is to spread the Lich King's plague. One of the dungeons where you'll find hybrid Flesh Giants will be in the Naxxramas dungeon.

How To Fight The Flesh Giants

I'm not completely sure about this, but if we use the Abominations as a reference, then we'll know that the Flesh Giants would also be slow in their movements. This gives players and teams a very big advantage. Movement would be very important, as well as communication and teamwork to bring a Flesh Giant down. Another advantage, if we take the Abominations as an example, would be that the Flesh Giants would probably be dumb and slow in thinking. This would help a lot if your team has a good strategy. They will not be quick to catch on it. However, this is pure speculation on my end. I'm sure you're excited to bring these creatures to their feet, so good luck in playing!