Top Ten Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Every year, millions of men experience the signs of balding. The reasonable reaction is to seek a remedy by yourself, if you have suspensions of baldness and excess hair loss (in the bath room drains, fine hairs on the bed, when you comb your hair, etc.). There is a large stream of myth floating out there that to explain the early sign of the thinning hair problem. These myths are not only frequently a waste of time and money, they make obscure or unclear to the solution that actually work to re-growth and stop hair falling off any more.

Top Ten Causes of Excessive Hair Loss

# 1: Genetic background

The most common cause of baldness in men is androgenetic alopecia. It is caused by the effects of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on genetically weak scalp hair follicles. Approximately 25 percent of men begin excess losing hair by age 30; two-thirds beginning losing hair by age 60. There is a four in seven chance of getting the baldness gene

# 2: Environmental factors.

# 3: Frequent pulling.

# 4: Excessive loss is ordinarily associated with chemotherapy.

# 5: People are suffering from poor nutrition and iron deficiency.Hair loss due to iron deficiency affects women and rarely ever men.

# 6: Hair falling offassociated with radiation to the scalp.

# 7: Some mycotic infections can cause lead to thinning hair.

# 8: Autoimmune disorder.

# 9: Hypothyroidism. Prolonged or excess hair loss is a side effect of Synthroid for some people.

# 10: Hyperthyroidism. Excessive thyroid hormones

Before you go spending a lot of your time and money it's worth having as much treatment for thinning hair information as possible to help you make the best choices.