Top Four Anxiety Symptoms In Teenage Girls

Puberty can be devastating among teenage girls. Not only does a young girl have to worry about fitting in at school, shaping their identity, and dealing with hormones, they may often have issues at home as well. Anxiety symptoms in teenage girls are traits that are commonly expressed between the ages of 12 and 14 years old. In this article, you will see how to easily detect and identify the top four symptoms of anxiety of girls within this age group.

The first symptom to look for is going through things in cabinets, drawers, and other storage areas. They may not be looking for anything in particular. When asked why are they rummaging through things, most of the time, their answer is “I don’t know.” This is an outlet for them to get through their anxiety. The need to rummage somehow calms their anxiousness. This is analogous to when a drug addict searches for money to support a drug habit, which can cause them to literally tear a house apart, just so they can get their next dose.

The second symptom is more obvious and involves constant shaking and pacing. Most teenage girls will shake their feet and legs in a rocking motion, often doing this all day. Some may even eventually rock themselves to sleep in the process. When they are anxious about things in general, many times you will see them just walking back and forth, pacing the floor. Shaking, on the other hand, usually comes from being anxious about certain events. For example, let’s say a young girl’s boyfriend promises to call her at a certain time. This can cause her to shake impatiently until she receives the call. Another example is if someone promises her something very special but later is unable to deliver. She may then shake to try to prevent herself from having an anxiety attack.

The third anxiety symptom in teenage girls to notice is verbal attitude. When a young girl become bored, often the need to do something, anything, can become extremely important to them. They will often resort back to being a 5 year old child again, asking many questions. If the answers are not what they are looking for, temper tantrums can often be the result. You may even find them storming around the house until everyone is unhappy. This attitude can be explosive both to her and to everyone else around her. Many parents simply chalk this up to being rebellious, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is usually the outward expression of anxiety symptoms in teenage girls.

The fourth, and less common symptom to be on the lookout for, is the need to be creative. Although this can be a great avenue for expression, it can also be dangerous depending on what is created. Some young girls can create fantasies and get people to believe lies just so they can be the center of attention. This is dangerous because these fantasies are usually manipulative in nature and geared towards retaliation for situations that the young girls have usually gotten themselves into. For example, if a young girl gets a bad grade and is grounded for it, her need to create fables against the discipline are actions that are calming to her. She may be even plot actions just to get even. Many parents often chalk this up to PMS. However, PMS only lasts for a week out of each month, not all year.

You should also pay attention to some of the more mildly creative ways of dealing with anxiety. Many young girls will paint, write, or make photo boards that express their feelings. Pay close attention to all the artwork created by them. They tell stories. Many crimes in this day and age would not take place if parents paid more attention to their child’s artwork.

These symptoms can be easily overlooked and simply chalked up to other causes. But they should be recognized for what they are and must ultimately be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. And of course, there are more than just these top four symptoms of anxiety in teenage girls not being mentioned here, that may also need addressing.