Top Eight Reasons to Stop the Snoring

It is important to try that occasional snoring does not result in long-term harm for themselves or others. It becomes a serious health issue, when snoring occurs every night and disturbs the whole family sleep. Unfortunately continual broken night's sleep, affects everyone differently, ranging from infants, to the person snoring.

It is in everyone's interest to stop the snoring and get quality sleep for optimum health and wellbeing.

Research studies have found:

1. Infants and preschoolers in the house suffer from the side effects of having a disturbed night's sleep, are at increased risk for later childhood obesity.

2. There is a very strong association between reduced hours of sleep and mental health problems, which include bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder. This especially affects adolescents.

3. Broken night's sleep can cause headaches and even hallucinations.

4. Prolonged loss of sleep can result in memory loss or lapse.

5. The likelihood of developing diabetes and heart disease, was three times higher for the rest-deprived than for those who get the recommended amount of sleep.

6. Men who suffer from chronic insomnia have a four times greater risk of premature death.

7. Have shown that sleep deprivation aggravates most acute and chronic musculo-skeletal conditions, such as, strains, sprains and arthritis.

8. Insomnia can cause fibromayalia, a chronic soft tissue pain disorder.

Due to the high risk then, of developing serious health issues, not only for the snorer, but for those around them, it is important to take snoring seriously. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, so take charge, find what is the cause and how to stop it.