Top Business Coach Teachers You How To Plan Your Growth


Have you ever noticed that the 'unsuccessful' business owners seem to be always working – yet never really get anywhere?

And they may seem to be frayed around the edges and noticeably tired?

And they seem to be surprised when the BAS statements and payments are due. Surprised when their staff leaves them, or they never have any money when big bills are due …

And at tax time they are surprised at the amount of tax they have to pay?

And they are constantly wondering why if they 'made so much profit' why it is not in my bank account?

These type of business people go on to blame the tax man, the government, or the economy for their worsening business.

On the contradiction … have you noticed that successful business owners always seem to be in control? Seem to be calm and focused. And prepare for any thing that may 'come up'.

To them business is not a surprise any more.

Why is this?

And how do they do it?

Because they have prepared for it.

Yes – that's right, they have prepared for it.

Super Successful business owners plan their business growth. They prepare months, quarters and even years in advance.

They have sat down with their external and internal people and planned to grow their business. They have planned to deal with staff leasing, changes in market conditions, fires, burglaries, recessions and even loss of life.

Great business owners – know, understand and address all the facets of their business when they are planning – and executing and monitoring their business growth.

Yet for the average business owner out there – planning is a four letter word!

The average business owner asks me …

How can you plan in your business they ask?

How can you know what's going to happen? They say without wanting an answer.

To me, that's the best thing about business.

It's the ultimate form of being an artist.

You get to create your life and your lifestyle – by creating a business.

You start with a blank canvas – and create a business and a lifestyle.

The better you are as an artist – the better your painting.

The better you are as a business owner – the better your business is – and the better your lifestyle is!

So why then do most business owners refuse or neglect to plan their business growth?

Well, planning usually does not happen for most business owners because they do not see it as a priority.

In my experience I've observed that this can happen for a number of reasons. The largest one I feel is responsible for most poor business owners not planning – is because of a lack of faith.

Most business owners do not have faith that their business will go onto grow to achieve their plan. So they deem planning a waste of time.

After all, why do it if it's not going to work?

Well, think about it a differently … if it does work – would you do it?

Because I can show you how to do it so it works – and it works gangbusters. I have business owners that can attest to it.

In fact, after a while you get so good at growing your business that you EXCEED your growth plan predictions … would you like to exceed you predictions?

Would you be happy if in just a matter of weeks you can save tens of thousands of dollars that immediately give you tens of thousands of extra profit?

Would you be happy if in just a matter of months you could reduce your working hours in your business to just 25 hours per week?

Would you be happy if in just a matter of months you could roll out a marketing plan that nets you another couple of hundred thousand dollars in net profit?

Well I see it, and am indeed part of all of these situations all the time.

And so can you. When you start planning your growth.

I've found that most business owners do not plan because they also lack the faith that they can control the growth of their business.

So they keep in 'survival' mode by just doing what needs to be done on a day to day, week to week basis. They almost take pride in survival.

Yet the turning point comes when the business owner starts planning for success, and planning for growth. Because that's when they have the faith that their business will grow – and almost as importantly – they feel that they can 'control' the growth.

Plus they also know the tools and the strategies that will help them grow. So they look forward to planning.

You see by planning the growth and the possible upset that you may face along the way – you can control how your business performances much, much faster than just winging it.

When you 'wing it' you're at the mercy of luck.

In my one-on-one Business Coaching Program, I take my clients through a breakthrough process that amazes them at how much easier it will be for them to plan their business growth. If you've tried in the past you'll be delighted with how easy I make it for you.

Many clients that I have worked with have faced downturns in their industry that would have previously wiped them out … but now with the knowledge and the tools – they were able to make profits and survive through horrendous situations that wiped their competitors out.

Then once the tide turns and the industry starts on an up trend, they're positioned to take advantage of it.

Planning is not the be all and end all. It is another business growth tool that must be used.


Because after succeeding growing your business, you'll probably need to plan things in advance. If you go on to make large profits – you'll need to undertake tax planning. It's a great situation to be in.

Also. With your growth you can enter new markets, new territories and new countries and to get people that are going to support you – they'll want to see a plan.

Planning is easy, and it's essential. Once you do it a few times, you'll love the process.

All great leaders have plans.

So when are you going to choose to become a great leader?

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