Top 7 Quotes and Messages to Have Engraved in Jewellery

Engraving messages or quotes onto pendants, rings or bangles is a wonderful way of adding a personal touch to any gift. It can be everything from a personal message to them from you, or perhaps a wonderful quote or their favourite saying. By following a few simple tips, you’ll be able to decide on exactly what to engrave on your gift for that someone special.

Who is it for?

This will determine the type of message you’ll want to engrave. If you are unsure of what to engrave for a great friend, a good idea is to use the Internet or go to a library to find a compilation of good quotes relating to what you are looking for. Similarly, if you are looking for quotes relating to love, the Internet has some great sites that have hundreds if not thousands of quotes. The important thing is to be able to pick the good from the cheesy.

Make sure the jewellery that you have bought can be engraved

Some jewellery cannot be engraved, so make sure when you buy it that you ask the jeweller. Some surfaces cannot be engraved, and some areas may be too fine to write on.

Consider the amount of space you have to engrave on

Your quote or message needs to fit in the allocated area you have for engraving. With rings it really needs to be short and simple. Bangles and some pendants however have lots of room to fit a whole quote or longer message.

Many people have diamond rings engraved with a message before proposing to that special someone. It can be a lovely added personal touch your partner will remember forever.

Engraving in another language can be romantic

Engraving in another language is a very romantic idea. Whether or not it is a language they know, it adds something extra to a romantic inscription.

Some great quotes

Here are some traditional yet timeless quotes for partners:

  • ti amo, sei mia means, I Iove you, you’re mine now in Italian.
  • amor vincit omnia means, Love conquers all in Latin.
  • A simple ‘I love you’ with each other initials is also a good inscription.

Here are some great inspirational quotes for friends:

  • Wishes do come true
  • Never give up
  • Friends for life
  • ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’- Gandhi.

If you both have a quote you love or something you know they like, it is a good idea to have that engraved. Engraving jewellery really does add that extra something special to your gift. It will be something they will always look at whenever they wear that piece of jewellery, and think of you.

I hope our tips on how to choose the best quote or message to engrave on a piece of jewellery for your loved one has given you some ideas on the type and style of engraving that is best suited to them.