Top 6 Characteristics For Becoming a Librarian

If you are interested in choosing the career path of a Librarian, you should have certain characteristics and values.

1) The desire to help, teach, and serve others.

2) Believe strongly in the First Amendment, protecting the freedom of speech and press.

3) Respect others right to privacy and the freedom to read any subject they choose.

4) Have an interest in information research.

5) Have an interest in a wide variety of resources, materials, and subjects.

6) Have advanced computer skills and adapt quickly to new technology

Librarian positions generally have three components: user services, technical services, and administrative services. Librarians may specialize in one of these areas or in small libraries, they may be responsible for all three areas.

In user services, librarians assist visitors in locating the material they are looking for, rather it be research material, learning material, or books and media that are fictional in nature. They may also teach visitors how to find and acquire information on the internet or instruct in the use of the card catalogue.

Technical service librarians, specialize in acquisitions and cataloguing. They acquire, prepare, and classify materials so that patrons can find it easily. Some write abstracts and summaries. Often, these librarians do not deal directly with the public, but work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of the library.

Administrative service librarians manage the operations of the library. They may negotiate contracts, supervise library workers, work with budgets, and oversee all activities in the operation of the library.

There are several types of libraries in which a Librarian may work. There are public libraries, school libraries, media center libraries, and university or academic libraries. Information centers, corporations, law firms, advertising agencies, medical centers, museums, research laboratories, and government libraries all hire Librarians.

A Masters Degree in Library Science or MLS from an accredited program may be required for most librarian jobs in public, academic, or special libraries. Some states require Librarians to be certified for certain jobs, while other states do not.